Sixth Sense

People may tell you there are five senses, I beg to differ…

Feel, you can find your way with no help from sight to guide you

Hear, be informed of a course of events without seeing for yourself

Sight, you need no voice to explain, for you have seen with your own eyes

Smell, you may be able to sense danger, fear, or comfort without sight, touch or sound

Taste, you may recognise the flavour of danger, fear or even comfort

And last and in my opinion, best

The sense of…

Dream, to have all five of the above senses combine to show that every thought you have , practical or impractical, sane or insane, always makes you who you are .

                                                 <3 Sierra

Hello Again !

Hey everyone! Sorry I took a long break from blogging but I’m back now 🙂 I hope that anyone who has liked my blog in the past continues to like reading my posts that I have decided to put up at least every sunday from now on! I’ll probably be posting funny stories, poems or just random stuff!

I said “at least every Sunday” because it is very likely there may be more posts I publish just because I don’t  have anything else to do 😛

Well if your curious as to why I didn’t write or publish any posts for a while, it was because of the excitement of the end of school, havign a busy summer, and the rush and stress of beginning grade seven! I was very glad to be approaching summer but sad to be leaving Ms. Smith’s class! I chose to keep my blog because I thought I might have used it to communicate with friends during summer, but I never really did. During summer I went camping, had sleepovers and hung out with friends, but with the start of school approaching fast I had to go get school supplies, catch up and remeber all the math, science, social studies, and all the other subjects I learned in grade six. I hope you all understand my reason for not posting and continue reading my blog.

                                            <3 Sierra


“Canada has always treated people with justice and fairness”

I disagree with this because we used to treat people with dark skin as if they were worth less than us when in all truth, we are all equal.  I don’t get why people with dark skin were treated differently because I see no difference at all except for the difference of looks and personality.  I would never think someone was worth less then me because of looks.  I am happy that many, many people were strong enough to put aside difference of looks and focus on the good person inside.


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This picture inspired me by reminding me that you can always change your mind if you didn’t make the right decision.
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I thought this picture would just brighten the day of anyone who stumbles upon my blog. Have A great Day!

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This picture reminded me how licky we all are to have friends who would look for you if you left them.

Is A Seed A Living Thing?

Is a seed a living thing, i do not think so. A seed in my opinion is kind of like an egg that has not hatched yet. we had adebate in my class about ifa seed is living or not, though a seed does grow it cannot 26256938_3cefa8ff95grow on its own, it needs water, light and dirt. the seed cannot supply those items on its own, but does not need human help, the water could be rain and the sun could give light and dirt on the ground will work just fine. we are growing seeds in our class and my group is growing lettuce. If you disagree with me and think that a seed is a living thing please leave a comment telling me a few supporting details of why it is a living thing. Thank you for reading and watch for more posts on Sierra’s Puppy Place!

Image: nasturtium waterdrop by zen

Random Stories

One day a cow fell down a wishing well, the cow screamed for help, a brave bunny heard his screams and hopped down the well to save him, “thank you so much” said the cow “your welcome” said the bunny”……”so… wheres the rope” said the cow, “oh..” said the bunny, he forgot the rope, how do they get out! “you forgot to get a rope!!!” screamed the cow. Just then a little fox came along and started throwing pennies in the well and wishing for thing like money, airplanes and dump trucks, the money he threw kept hitting the animals in the well, they were furious , they started screaming at the fox. the fox ran of yelling “mommy!!!” what will happen next…

The real ending…

The mother fox came and saw the animals in the well, she told them she would help them. the mother fox got them out of the well and they lived happily ever after… until they moved away to a tiny deserted island and were forced to eat coconut shells and no one has heard of them since.

Random Stories

Once upon a time there was a hippo named Skittles, Skittles had a best friend named Smarty, Smarty was a rabbit. Skittle and Smarty decided to go for a picnic one December afternoon, little did they know there was a lion on the loose, the lions name was Juice. Juice was very hungry. Skittles and Smarty settled down on a calm meadow to eat their pickle sandwiches, just then Juice started to watch them eat their pickle sandwiches, as he settled down to eat them!!! To be continued… Continued… Skittles and Smarty heard a growl in the long grass, “ahhhhhhhh” they screamed as they saw Juice approaching them. “Please, Please dont eat us” pleaded Skittles. Smarty laughed as an evil villain would. What should happened next…


If you would like to end this story post a comment for an ending!


Maybe smarty was evil too and that is why he laughed evily smartly paid juice to kill skittles and in the end skittles was secretly a knight with a huge sword in his pocket and he killed juice and smarty and skittles lived happily ever after with no villains in his life but he also had no friends then he ate a magic mushroom and died.

Ending by: Savannah

My Friends

My best friends are very important to me, even though we may get in fights, were always there for each other. I’m going to write a little bit about each one of my best friends…

Cassidy: Cassidy is very important to me because she has a great sense of humor and is always there for me, she is like a sister!

Easton: Easton is really funny and always laughing, he is always looking for ways to brighten the moods in his surroundings, Easton is a cool guy!

Rachel: One of my friends that I have known for a while!

Priya: Priya is a new friend I just met this year, but I really enjoy being her friend!

Lizzie: Lizzie is a great friend to have around, I am really happy to be her friend!

Danny: Danny is one of my best friends who I have known since kindergarten, he is an awesome guy!

Riley: Riley is always there for me, no matter what! It is so nice to be friends with him!

Mason: Mason is a great friend, it is so great to have him around! Whenever I’m sad he always finds a way to make me smile!

Solana: Solana is one of my really close friends, I really enjoy hanging out with her!

Rebekah: Rebekah is one of my friends from soccer, and from school!

Jessica: Jessica is new to our class, but I really enjoy becoming friends with her!

Ben: Ben is an awesome guy, he is really funny!

Savannah: Savannah is so awesome, I really enjoy being friends with her!

Jaiden: Jaiden is really funny, she always makes me laugh!

Mark: Mark is a really close friend, I have known him since I was three!

Jessica C: Jessica C os one of my best friends ever, she is really nice!

Greyson: Greyson is a really funny guy, he loves history!


Sun fog snow cross_schoebandWe need to help, they need our help,
Many are injured, many have died,
Many are scared and trapped inside,
Many are sad and depressed,
Many lay in their grave and rest,
The words we use now, only a few,
The words we use now, there are only two,
The words that I’m thinking… Help Haiti.

I hope this poem has made you aware that many people have lost friends and family because of the Haitian earthquake. These words mean something, they need help.

Image: sun/fog/snow/cross by schoeband