Hello again. This time I’ll be talking about dogs. All dogs are beautiful, wonderful creatures that have amazing, loving personalities and beautiful minds. I just got a dog and I absolutely adore him. I hope if you are someone who does not enjoy dogs you may learn to love their beutiful personalities and enjoy being around them. Please leave your blog adresses behind so I can read your posts. Thanks For Reading, Bye!

Hope You Like My Blog!

Hello world. Hope yuo’ll enjoy reading and leaving wonderful comments for everone to read. Anyways, this post is just about the basic events of ”Sierra’s Puppy Place” . So on normal posts Ill just talk and ask questions and talk.:)This is my first blog and I’m really enjoying having one. Hope you visit again… SEE YA!

7 Random Things

Here are 7  random things about me!

  • I like to play basketball.
  • I love dogs. My favorite are Pyrenean Sheepdogs.
  • I play soccer on teams.
  • I’m half Australian.
  • I went to Australia for a year, it was fun.
  • I play guitar.
  • I’ve been to Disneyland.