Hello again. This time I’ll be talking about dogs. All dogs are beautiful, wonderful creatures that have amazing, loving personalities and beautiful minds. I just got a dog and I absolutely adore him. I hope if you are someone who does not enjoy dogs you may learn to love their beutiful personalities and enjoy being around them. Please leave your blog adresses behind so I can read your posts. Thanks For Reading, Bye!

13 thoughts on “Dogs!

  1. That is a nice blog post. I love dogs to, I have been trying to get my parents to get me another dog, but they will not lison. What kind of dog is your dog? I have met him but I forget his name. What is it?

  2. Hi Sierra
    I didn’t know you got a new dog.Is it a girl or a boy? How old is it? And what breed is your dog?
    Bye for now.

    PS: Love your blog.

  3. Hi, I love dogs too. How old is youer dog? And what breed is your dog?I have a girl dog named Jazzy she is a lab/goldon retrever.

  4. Hi Sierra,

    You asked how much candy I got, I think I only got about half a plastic bag full. So how much candy did you have last year and how long did it last?

  5. HI Sierra! I just have do say that all you said was that everything you said about dogs is absolutely true! That’s exactly how I feel about dogs! My puppy is eight months old and is a cross between a Black Lab and a Australian Shepherd. What kind is your dog?

  6. Hey Sierra,

    What kind of dog did you get, you probably already told me but I just forgot? I have a dog named Maggie. But you have already seen her. She is very cute. Every morning she is always very hiper, and she runs around the house hoping that my dad will take her for a walk.

  7. Hello Sierra!
    You sure know a lot about dogs! I have a puppy named Scout, who’s eight months old and is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Black Lab. What kind is yours?

  8. Hi Sierra, I have two dogs and I just got a another puppy making it three dogs. My favourit animal is a dog. Thanks for the post to see

  9. Hi,
    I am commenting to reply to your questions I do have a dog and he is a Miniature Schnauzer and I like your blog

  10. Nice Puppie Blog Sierra its really cool, Im Glad you like blogs

    If you feel like it you should check out my blog


  11. Hi,
    I’m 18 PuppyLover and I am from SouthParis Collaborative in New York. I LOVE DOGS TOO!
    untill next time I comment,POODLES!

  12. My dog is a boy cocker spaniel named hunter. Thank you all for commenting I’ll try to visit your blogs!

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