I Am A Published Author


My book is called “A Dream Of Halloween” and it’s by Stephanie Sen. My book is about a girl named Secilia and she had a big adventure on the scariest night ever… HALLOWEEN!!!

This is my ”Me as a Reader”


I love reading. I like small novels like ‘’Diary of a Wimpy Kid’’ and ‘’Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’’. One of my favourite memories as a child is Dr Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. I have a big brother that used to read to me all the time.


My favourite book I’ve ever read has to be ‘’ Diary of a Wimpy Kid’’ I love being able to have  fun while I’m reading. I also like reading ‘’Ella Enchanted’’ and “Grimm fairy tales”.


My absolute favourite place to read is in a fort. The other places I like to read are my room and on the couch. I like being comfy while I read.


I learned to read when I was about four years old. Even though I could only read little sentences, I loved reading. I mostly read Winnie the Pooh and Dr Seuss.


I love reading for fun and for work (but mostly for fun) I love reading books that pull me into the story.  For me to like a book it needs to be adventurous and fun. I have always loved books.


Hope this temps you to look out for my story “A DREAM OF HALLOWEEN”

Best Friends

Best Friends, they’re there for you when you need them. My best friend is awesome, her name is Cassidy and she would do anything for me. We hang Smiley face_jovikeout all the time.  We are so alike, and we love being around each other. We love to make random cheese lines like ”This cheese, it’s moldy, new species eh, MUNCH.” We always laugh our heads off. She has a blog about NASCAR RACING, so if you are a racing fan, here’s a link to Cassidy‘s blog.

Anyways, back to my post. Cassy is an awesome friend. We have other friends too, like Danny and Mason. Mason has a biking blog, and Danny is a hockey fan. We love acting crazy around each other. Anyways, I hope you like my post, and thanks for reading.

image Smiley face by jovike

Olympic Torch

Wow!  The Olympic Torch is amazing. I saw the Olympic Torch at Lewis Park on Monday. It was one of the best experiences ever. I actually got to touch the Olympic Torch.DSCN6918 I am very happy my whole class got to go and see the Olympic Torch. One of my best friends was the first student in my class to touch the Torch. It was awsome being able to touch the Olympic Torch. I feel bad for my friend because he din’t get to touch the Olympic Torch and he was really sad. At least he got to see the Olympic Torch. My whole class got bottles of coke. I was one of the first students in my class to get a coke. We were looking for hot chocolate and we couldn’t find any so we just got coke. Thanks for reading my post and look out for more exciting posts at Sierra’s Puppy Place!

IMAGE: DSCN6918 BY Sweet One

Soldier’s World

Soldier’s World

By Sierra Simmons

 Soldier’s wound,

Only fault of bravery,

 Living to protect loving families,

 Deciding to go to war to help their country,

 I will remember,

 Every day,

Remember that in loving ways, 

Soldier’s world became their grave.


Hi everybody, are you ever out looking for a good book but you just don’t know what to read? Well, why not try reading a book series called Diary Of A Wimpy Kid? They are exciting and adventurous stories of a boy’s life. They definitely make me laugh. So I hope this post has helped those of you looking for a book. Hope you keep reading my blog , new posts coming soon.

Diary of a wimpy kid


Life In The Day Of My Dog


 My day as a dog…


 Say good morning…




image: mr winston , By The Micheal                                

Molly, always a ham_KansasCity







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 kong love    bradford66

Make mischief…







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Darius des Perles d'Onyx


Get ready for bed…







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                                                                                                     By Barzi

Sleep…Day is done                                                    







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