Is A Seed A Living Thing?

Is a seed a living thing, i do not think so. A seed in my opinion is kind of like an egg that has not hatched yet. we had adebate in my class about ifa seed is living or not, though a seed does grow it cannot 26256938_3cefa8ff95grow on its own, it needs water, light and dirt. the seed cannot supply those items on its own, but does not need human help, the water could be rain and the sun could give light and dirt on the ground will work just fine. we are growing seeds in our class and my group is growing lettuce. If you disagree with me and think that a seed is a living thing please leave a comment telling me a few supporting details of why it is a living thing. Thank you for reading and watch for more posts on Sierra’s Puppy Place!

Image: nasturtium waterdrop by zen

One thought on “Is A Seed A Living Thing?

  1. Thank you for giving your opinion. I like how you back up your comments with evidence. I can tell you are thinking scientifically. A seed is a vital part of a life cycle of a plant, but you are right in saying that it needs a certain environment to grow.

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