My Friends

My best friends are very important to me, even though we may get in fights, were always there for each other. I’m going to write a little bit about each one of my best friends…

Cassidy: Cassidy is very important to me because she has a great sense of humor and is always there for me, she is like a sister!

Easton: Easton is really funny and always laughing, he is always looking for ways to brighten the moods in his surroundings, Easton is a cool guy!

Rachel: One of my friends that I have known for a while!

Priya: Priya is a new friend I just met this year, but I really enjoy being her friend!

Lizzie: Lizzie is a great friend to have around, I am really happy to be her friend!

Danny: Danny is one of my best friends who I have known since kindergarten, he is an awesome guy!

Riley: Riley is always there for me, no matter what! It is so nice to be friends with him!

Mason: Mason is a great friend, it is so great to have him around! Whenever I’m sad he always finds a way to make me smile!

Solana: Solana is one of my really close friends, I really enjoy hanging out with her!

Rebekah: Rebekah is one of my friends from soccer, and from school!

Jessica: Jessica is new to our class, but I really enjoy becoming friends with her!

Ben: Ben is an awesome guy, he is really funny!

Savannah: Savannah is so awesome, I really enjoy being friends with her!

Jaiden: Jaiden is really funny, she always makes me laugh!

Mark: Mark is a really close friend, I have known him since I was three!

Jessica C: Jessica C os one of my best friends ever, she is really nice!

Greyson: Greyson is a really funny guy, he loves history!

What is Blogging From My Point Of Veiw?

Mardi Gras Readers (FRONT PAGE #1) by grahamblackallWhat is blogging from my point of veiw? Thats a hard question, I guess one thing blogging means to me is a way to show what I like or find interesting. I like to write posts and give comments. I love to write posts about my friends and I love to read my friends posts.  Most of the time I like blogging, but sometimes I can have enough! It can be frustrating sometimes when you cannot think of anything to write about, but if you explore other blogs, your sure to get an idea!


image Mardi Gras Readers FRONT-PAGE 1 by grahamblackall


Boring fake tree by dadaaceChristmas is coming and I can’t wait! In my family Christmas is a family time, we play in the snow, drink hot chocolate (yum) and open presents! My family is allowed to open one present before breakfast, then we eat a special Christmas breakfast, usually bacon and eggs, and start opening the rest of the gifts!

We take turns opening presents so that we can all enjoy watching family open their gifts. My favourite part of Christmas is seeing the look on my family’s faces when they see their gifts. I think Christmas is about being thankful for what you have and it makes me think about how lucky I am.

Image: boring fake tree by DaDaAce.

I Am A Published Author


My book is called “A Dream Of Halloween” and it’s by Stephanie Sen. My book is about a girl named Secilia and she had a big adventure on the scariest night ever… HALLOWEEN!!!

This is my ”Me as a Reader”


I love reading. I like small novels like ‘’Diary of a Wimpy Kid’’ and ‘’Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’’. One of my favourite memories as a child is Dr Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. I have a big brother that used to read to me all the time.


My favourite book I’ve ever read has to be ‘’ Diary of a Wimpy Kid’’ I love being able to have  fun while I’m reading. I also like reading ‘’Ella Enchanted’’ and “Grimm fairy tales”.


My absolute favourite place to read is in a fort. The other places I like to read are my room and on the couch. I like being comfy while I read.


I learned to read when I was about four years old. Even though I could only read little sentences, I loved reading. I mostly read Winnie the Pooh and Dr Seuss.


I love reading for fun and for work (but mostly for fun) I love reading books that pull me into the story.  For me to like a book it needs to be adventurous and fun. I have always loved books.


Hope this temps you to look out for my story “A DREAM OF HALLOWEEN”

Best Friends

Best Friends, they’re there for you when you need them. My best friend is awesome, her name is Cassidy and she would do anything for me. We hang Smiley face_jovikeout all the time.  We are so alike, and we love being around each other. We love to make random cheese lines like ”This cheese, it’s moldy, new species eh, MUNCH.” We always laugh our heads off. She has a blog about NASCAR RACING, so if you are a racing fan, here’s a link to Cassidy‘s blog.

Anyways, back to my post. Cassy is an awesome friend. We have other friends too, like Danny and Mason. Mason has a biking blog, and Danny is a hockey fan. We love acting crazy around each other. Anyways, I hope you like my post, and thanks for reading.

image Smiley face by jovike

7 Random Things

Here are 7  random things about me!

  • I like to play basketball.
  • I love dogs. My favorite are Pyrenean Sheepdogs.
  • I play soccer on teams.
  • I’m half Australian.
  • I went to Australia for a year, it was fun.
  • I play guitar.
  • I’ve been to Disneyland.